Wounded Hands and Woeful Faces: The Hidden Mystery of Cervantes’ Self-Portrait

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Royce Hall Conf/Seminar - - Humanities Conf Room 314

Voces Nostrates Lecture

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Free and open to the public.


Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center
(310) 825-1880

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Sponsored by the Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Alvaro Molina (PhD 2012, Spanish & Portuguese, UCLA) explores the more common interpretations of Cervantes’ enigmatic self-portrait in his Prologue to the Novelas Ejemplares, such as the art history scandal whereby a forged oil painting stood as the only known image of Cervantes for the better part of the twentieth century.

The current lack of any actual image of the author leads us instead to reconsider his textual self-portrait based on Gian Battista Della Porta’s theory of physiognomy.

This approach reveals a hitherto unacknowledged dimension of Cervantes’ image following the conventions of the picaresque genre.

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