Available RSS Feeds


To view a feed in your RSS Aggregator or web browser*:
1. Choose an event type and a date range, then click "Create-A-Feed".
2. Copy the URL of your feed.
3. Paste the URL into your reader/browser.

*Most modern web browsers have a built in RSS reader. Please refer to your specific browser capabilities for details.

Create a Feed

Google and Yahoo! Calendar

Happenings currently supports Google and Yahoo! Calendar live feeds. We will be supporting other calendar services in the near future. For instructions on how to subscribe to these calendars, please visit our blog page for details. *If you previously subscribed to a calendar feed, please update your calendar with the new addresses below.


30 Days http://happenings.ucla.edu/subscribe/cal/sports/30days.ics


30 Days http://happenings.ucla.edu/subscribe/cal/arts/30days.ics


30 Days http://happenings.ucla.edu/subscribe/cal/lectures/30days.ics
*Notice for "180 Days" feed users: We will be deleting the "180 Days" .ics live feed. Please update your calendar(s) to one of the available feeds above.
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