Los Angeles Global Health Conference

Saturday, January 28, 2017
9:00 am - 4:40 pm, Carnesale Commons - Palisades

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Conference registration can be completed on the LA Global Health Conference website. Prices are TBD.


Medicine - Infectious Disease
(310) 825-2440



Additional Information

The Los Angeles Global Health Conference is an annual global health conference hosted in Southern California. Organized by UCLA, USC, and Charles Drew University (CDU) students, the conference aims to educate and connect with members of the UCLA, USC, CDU, and Los Angeles communities about the varying health disparities both in our backyards and around the world.

Home to people from more than 140 countries speaking 224 different languages, Los Angeles's rich cultural diversity makes it an ideal place to examine the current status of world health. It is our vision that the Los Angeles Global Health Conference become a space to discuss innovative ways to tackle health disparities—locally and globally.

In 2016, the conference theme was “Transdisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health.” The term transdisciplinary refers to bringing together individuals from across various disciplines to work jointly in creating new conceptual, methodological, and translational innovations that move beyond discipline-specific approaches.

At the Los Angeles Global Health Conference, we challenge participants to think about global health issues from a transdisciplinary perspective – blending traditional disciplinary approaches to create new frameworks and solutions.

The Los Angeles Global Health Conference is a student-led project of the Global Health Interest Group at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.