Meteorite Gallery Lecture Series

Sunday, August 25, 2019
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Geology Building - Room 3656

Before They Were Meteorites: the Discovery and Characterization of Near-Earth Asteroids

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Free and open to the public.


Earth, Planetary, And Space Sc
(310) 825-2015


Additional Information

Gallery Lecture presented by JPL Scientist Dr. Joe Masiero.

Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) are small objects that have the potential to impact Earth. A small impacting asteroid can deliver meteorites, while larger ones could pose a threat to terrestrial life. Because of this, NASA has undertaken surveys of the sky to search for these NEAs. One of these, the NEOWISE space telescope, uses infrared light to find NEAs and make measurements of their properties such as size and reflectivity. A proposed next-generation telescope, NEOCam, would expand the capability to detect and characterize this population.Dr. Masiero will present some exciting results from NEOWISE, and what we can anticipate learning from NEOCam.

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